UTP Video, RS422 Surge Protector


Multi-function in-line surge protector for fixed and twisted pair transmissions.
The UTPPTR4 is a four channel, multi-function surge protector for twisted pair transmission of video and RS422 data signals. The UTPPTR4 provides multi-stage surge protection to data control boards or other accessories connected to the system. The unit is designed as a building entrance protector. The UTPPTR4 provides a heavy, single point ground connection and is easily installed in minutes.


• Unique multi-stage design
• 15V clamping voltage
• Heavy single point ground
• Easy to install
• Lifetime warranty

Technical Specs 
 Unit Specifications
Size 1.7″H x 4.3″W x 2.5″D
Power Requirements None required
Connection Method Punchdown
Clamping Voltage 15 Volts
Impedance 110 ohms
Temperature -40C to +85C
Frequency DC to 10 MHz
Shipping Weight 1 lb