Networking Offshore, Oil & Gas

Nitek has developed several Etherstretch™ Network Extender solutions. Both devices are locally fed. The network cable between Transmitter and receiver is only meant for data transmission, NO PoE. Because of this these solutions are fully licenced for use in hazardous Industry such as Offshore, Oil and Gas Industry.

Our Etherstretch™ solutions allows for the utilization of existing coax cable infrastructure to transmit data from IP cameras and other network devices over the given wire media.
Single Channel links and multi-port Ethernet switches for IP video cameras. This Layer 2 switch with a Gigabit LAN connection operates as a standard switch for all Ethernet devices up to 100 meters. When used in conjunction with the ET1500CB transmitter unit (sold separately) operating distances can be extended with 100Mbit Full Duplex up to 500 meters (1.640 feet). This makes it ideal for mixed use applications where equipment can be both under 100 meters or up to 500 meters. Being a fully functioning Layer 2 switch it easily integrates into the standard network infrastructure.