The EE328W provides a weatherproof enclosure for the Network Repeater Unit EE328 that allows outdoor operation of repeating and extending Ethernet and PoE. The EE328 Ethernet & PoE Extender is designed to greatly extend the distance to which IP cameras and network devices can operate. The EE328 regenerates network communication and passes PoE power through itself and down the network cable. Each EE328 unit extends the cable run by 100 meters or 328 feet. When used with an optional 48VCD power supply the EE328 can operate as a fully independent repeater and IEEE802.3af PoE inserter. If needed, several EE328 units can be used in series to extend a network communication and PoE by every 100 meters or 328 feet. (max. 5 extenders equals 600 meters or 1.968 feet)

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The POE48 series 4 channel PoE crossover and power insertion card is designed for use with the CX254 and the CX452 modular card cage (purchase separately).
The POE48 crossover and power insertion card is a unique component of the UTP Links system.

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