Rack Panel for use with VB37M's or VB39M's.


The RK115 rack panel provides a convenient and cost-effective means to mount up to ten model VB37M or VB39M video balun transceivers. While the RK115 is designed for use with a standard 19″ rack cabinet, it can be easily adapted for wall mounting, providing a convenient way to mount and organize units and cable. Model VB37M and VB39M transceivers (not included) connect directly to the RK115 by means of BNC type connectors. No power is required for the RK115 or VB37M and VB39M video balun transceivers.


• Holds 10 VB37M or VB39M video balun transceivers
• Easily adapted for wall mounting
• Fits standard 19 rack cabinet
• Easy to install

Technical Specs 
 Transceiver Unit
Capacity 10 model VB37M or VB39M
video balun transceivers
Size 1 RU – Fits standard 19” rack
Weight 2 lbs.
VB37M or VB39M Transceivers Sold separately