Nitek IP Network Extender-Gigabit PoE Switch - ER1651U

IP Video 2 Wire Network Extender:

16 Port Receiver Unit

Model ER1651U


  • IP Multi-Port Network Extender transmits up to 1,600 ft (500m)
  • Includes a built-in power source for all connected devices
  • Gigabit output network connectivity
  • LED indicators for network signals, link status and power
  • Transparent to the Network
  • No setup required
  • Includes Receiver only - Transmitters Purchased Separately
  • Patent Pending USA and Europe Euro Pat App 2779641

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    The ER1651U is another component of the NITEK cutting edge Etherstretch™ line. The ER1651U Receiver cambined with an ET1551U Transmitter (sold separately) provides a solution that utilizes existing 2 wire UTP cable infrastructure to transmit data from IP cameras and other network devices. The ER1651U/ET1551U combination can extend Ethernet range up to 500 meters over a single pair of wires.

    The ER1651U is a multi-port unit that can provide extension of Ethernet for up to 16 IP video cameras and network devices. An internal Layer 2 Switch with a Gigabit LAN connection, operates in conjunction with the ET1551U transmitter units. Using the ER1651U over any ordinary Twisted Pair cable for a distance of 500 meter requires no additional equipment other than the new ET1551U transmitter(s).

    This New Etherstretch™ system requires very little installation time & no set up or configuration. The system is completely transparent to the network with no IP or MAC addressing required. Simply connect a network device to the transmitter. LED connectivity indicators on the transmitter and receiver show the status of network communication and PoE power.

    The ER1651U Etherstretch network extender overcomes cable distance limitations inherent in traditional networking topologies and provides an alternative to fiber or wireless transmission solutions.

    • Rack mounted multi-channel 2 wire Etherstretch solution
    • Each channel is capable of 10/100 connectivity to field devices
    • Gigabit output to network
    • Remotely transmit IP devices over 2 wire network category cables up to 500 meters/1,600 feet
    • Built-in short circuit, over current and over voltage protection
    • Includes a built-in power source for all connected devices
    • Supports any 10/100 mega-pixel network device, including IP cameras, over Twisted Pair cables
    • No MAC or IP addressing required
    • LED indicators for network signals, link status and power
    • Ground loop isolation
     Receiver Unit
    Network Output Port (1) RJ45 Connector, 1 Gigabit
    Link Port 16 Twisted Pair Wires
    Ethernet Connection
    [1] Auto Configuring 10 ⁄ 100 Full Duplex
    LED Connectivity Indicators
    Link Status, PoE Out, 10Mb or 1000Mb
    Power Requirements IEC380 Connector -115-240VAC/50-60Hz/150Watt Max
    Power Output 52Vdc @ 125 Watts Max
    Mounting Standard rack mounting 1 RU x 9.0 inches D
    Operating Temperature -15 degrees to +75 degrees C/0 degrees to 167 degrees F
    Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
    Shipping Dimensions 18 inches W x 24 inches H x 8,5 inches D
    Shipping Weight 11 lbs.

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