Courier System™ 7000 Series

The Courier Systems™ is a fiber optic transmission systems designed for unique applications requiring pickup and delivery of video transmission to the security market. The systems are designed to offer broadcast quality video transmission without compromise. The Courier System™ can be configured to collect individual or multiple video signals along a given route or perimeter in a daisy chain and transmit them all back to one or more control rooms. The Courier System™ has an option to be set up in a dual redundant configuration which helps to ensure against loss in a catastrophic fiber failure. Using Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) provides a transmission capability of up to 128 video channels on a single optical fiber together with the associated data/audio and Ethernet. When configured as a fiber ring using eight strands of fiber the system has a capacity of up to 512 video channels, 1,024 data/audio channels and 6.4Gb of Ethernet.

System Configuration Information

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