UTP Audio Balun for Transmission System up to 2 miles (3,225 meters)

Model Number: AS1000

Line Level Audio Transmission System up to 2 miles (3,225 meters)

The AS1000 is an audio link system that provides a low cost method of sending line level audio over twisted pair, point-to-point wiring for distances of up to 2 miles. The AS1000 includes two bi-directional modules and can be used over existing in-house telephone wiring, leased lines or other twisted pair cables, such as Category Cabling. The AS1000 can also be used as an audio companion product for the Nitek twisted pair and leased line video transmission systems.

  • Audio companion product for the Nitek video transmission systems
  • Can be run in the same cable with communication, video and data signals
  • Does not require power
  • Weatherproof design
  • Operates with standard line level audio

Twisted Sender is recommended for use with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wiring. The systems will operate over wire gauges from 26 AWG through 12 AWG but are optimized for 24 AWG. Category cabling may be used. Individually shielded pairs should be avoided as they drastically reduce the operating range of the systems. Multi-pair cable with an overall shield is acceptable. Video can be operated in the same communication cable coexistent with telephone, computer, control signals, power voltages and other video signals. While video may be routed through telephone punch down block terminals, any bridge-taps, also called T-taps and any resistive, capacitive or inductive devices MUST BE removed from the pair.

For more specific information regarding wire types, gauges and proper installation techniques, please call (800) 528-4343 for technical assistance.

 Transceiver Unit
Size .95"H x 1.3"W x 2"D
Power Requirements None
Audio IN/OUT
RCA Jack for line level
Twisted Pair IN/OUT Screw terminals
Distance 2 miles (3,225 meters)

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AS1000 Specification Sheet
AS1000 Installation Manual